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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Are you sponsored by any of the top three casinos?

Nope! We’re enthusiasts who love keeping track of Mega Fortune. When you’ve been in this as long as we’ve been, you get to know all of the online casinos. We speak from our own personal experience, and thus that’s how we choose the top three.

How often does someone hit the jackpot in Mega Fortune?

That we’re not so sure about! This is mostly because we can only keep track of the ones reported by online casinos, and the ones who are willing to reach out for interviews. While the biggest jackpot is quite rare, it’s not uncommon to hear about dozens of winners for the mid-tier jackpot and thousands of winners for the low-tier jackpot. We’re hoping to get some solid numbers for this in the future!

Why do you need my name and e-mail?

We like to know who we’re addressing when we respond to comments! Otherwise we’re sending out responses without addressing you, and we think that sounds too cold and distant. As for e-mail–that’s how we respond! If you provide no e-mail, we can’t send you the answer to your question! For awhile, we thought about just answering questions here, but you would be surprised how many we can get! So we prefer the personal touch of a direct response. If you don’t get a reply from us, check your spam folder.

Who made Mega Fortune?

Mega Fortune is a Net Entertainment (NetEnt for short) game. NetEnt creates dozens of online slot machine games, each with their own unique characteristics. We recommend checking them out sometime! We’re obviously a little biased towards Mega Fortune, of course.

I just won big! Can I share my winner’s story?

Absolutely! Send us a message and we’ll get the ball rolling. Just remember to take a screenshot of your winnings to prove that you were a big winner! If you make over €500,000, we’ll feature your story on our site. We’re currently considering posting smaller winnings as well. Please let us know if you want a pseudonym used (we know how pushy friends and relatives can be once they catch wind of your winnings!), and if you want us to stick to your country of origin only. Sometimes we’ll narrow down to your hometown, but that can be sticky if you don’t want friends knowing! Additionally, we may ask for any advice you might have for newer players.

Can you guarantee that I will win?

While we wish that it was so easy, we sadly cannot guarantee that you will win. We wish that everyone would always win! But wouldn’t that cheapen some of the excitement? If you’re bummed out that you aren’t winning, we recommend trying out free-play for awhile. Additionally, you can always try changing the amount that you are betting and how many bet-lines you are betting on. Remember that it’s all supposed to be fun!

Does Mega Fortune go down frequently?

Not at all! In fact, it boasts a 99.97% uptime! We include that on our list of potential questions because of the possibility of errors on our end. You never know when updating some of the site’s text or changing a picture could accidentally screw up the game player on our site. We try to keep on top of that, but if you catch it, let us know. In the highly unlikely case that Mega Fortune itself is down, we will work with NetEnt to make sure that we get it back online as quickly as possible.