Mega Fortune

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How to Play and Win?

If you’re a bit new to online casinos, it can be daunting to dive in. If you’re a veteran, you want to know what to look for. No matter what, it never hurts to be prepared! That’s why we’re here: we’ll break down what to look for while you’re playing Mega Fortune. You’ll know this game in and out after reading our guide.

Fine-Tune Your Game

This is the primary play screen. When you’re not in a mini-game, expect to see this screen. Each of the numbers on the sides coincides with a bet line. You can bet on just one line, bet on all twenty-five, or bet on any number of lines in-between. Obviously, the more lines that you bet on, the better chance that you have of winning. Additionally, there are four bet levels to choose from. There’s a plus-side and down-side to any bet level amount. Want to maximize your number of spins? Use the smallest bet level. Want to maximize your winnings? Use the biggest bet level. The downside to maximizing your spins is, of course, smaller winnings, while maximizing your winnings decreases the chances that you get to win. It can be quite difficult to gauge what would be a smarter decision! We suggest that if you’re just starting out, it might be wise to use the smallest bet level, as this gives you ample opportunities to win and build up more earnings to use for bigger bets. If you’ve already got a decent pool of winnings, why not take the plunge and maximize your bet level?

No-Fuss Gaming

Sound like too much fiddling around for you? Mega Fortune offers a MAX BET button that maximizes the bet lines at the highest bet level. No tinkering, no fooling. Additionally, you can set it to autoplay. The autoplay feature lets you decide how many spins it does without stopping. This is perfect for the player who just wants to put it all on the line and doesn’t want to fool around with a bunch of settings. Dive right in, and watch it play itself. Decide you put in too many autoplay spins? You can stop it at any time.


Mega Fortune isn’t satisfied with just one jackpot: it’s got three! Keep an eye out for this symbol on the screen. If you manage to get three of this symbol on an active betline, you’ll enter into the Mega Fortune wheel mini-game. Spin the wheel, and if you’re lucky, you’ll go on to a mini-game for one of the three jackpots.

Scatters and Free Spins

Look out for the Scatter bonus! If you get three scatter symbols, you’ll win a x10 multiplier on that spin. If you get four scatter symbols, you’ll win a x50 multiplier. If you get five scatter symbols, you’ll win a staggering x200 multiplier! Free spins are even better–land on a free spin symbol and you’ll get another chance to win for free. If you get at least two scatter symbols, you’ll get another spin, too! During free spins, the multiplier can max out at x5, but the free spins have no limit. If you’re lucky, you could get dozens of free spins, with your winnings from those free spins being multiplied!

Mega Fortune Wild

Mega Fortune, simply put, wants you to win. This wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol, increasing your chances of winning. It can substitute for multiple symbols at once, too! Not only that, but the Mega Fortune Wild symbol adds a multiplier to your winnings as well. You never know when one of these will show up, but it can be a serious game-changer when it does.