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Looking to give Mega Fortune a shot, but you haven’t selected an online casino yet? Did you already pick out an online casino, but spent your bonus elsewhere and don’t want to sink any of your money into a game you haven’t tried yet? Don’t want to get sent off to some other site? We’ve got your solution! You can play Mega Fortune right here for free:

How does this work? We simply provide “tokens” to play with. These tokens act like real money, with their own unique jackpot. Run out of tokens? Refresh the page to get a new set of tokens to play with. You can play for as long as you want to, with no strings attached.

We recommend splitting up your free-play into two categories: the trial-run, and practice.

The Trial-Run

This is definitely how most people use free-play. You want to get a feel for the game without having to sign-up somewhere or spend money on it. This is the perfect test to see if the game is fun to play. Hint: we think it is! But everyone has their own personal tastes, and it can be difficult to tell if you will enjoy a game or not. While we feel that Mega Fortune speaks for itself, nothing can be more aggravating than going to play something after investing money into it and registering at a site, only to discover that it isn’t very enjoyable. For this reason, giving Mega Fortune a trial-run in free-play is essential to your gaming experience.


So you’ve decided that you like the game, and you’ve even gone ahead and registered at an online casino to play it. You might be wondering: why would I still want to play it for free after that? Quite simply, practice makes perfect. Your budget, unless you are already a millionaire, is going to be limited by necessity. You won’t want to play for ten hours every day (nor would we recommend it!). Instead, you can play for real, and then set aside time to practice in free-play. This is a bigger key to success than you would think! Mega Fortune has algorithms that dictate how likely you are to win with each spin. While it is nearly impossible to ever crack such a code, players can get an idea for how likely they are to win with each spin. One of the winners that we are currently highlighting, Maurice, used that very strategy to maximize his odds of winning. Enough practice on the game can lead to realizing the best times to maximize your bets and when to play it safe. Some players even think that the time of day might change your odds of winning the jackpot, as more people might be playing at certain times. Whatever quirks you find might be best uncovered in free-play, where the consequences of being wrong after following a hunch are non-existent.


Of course, we’ll include this technical third category (even though we’re only “officially” listing two). Some people just enjoy playing slots! If you like playing slots but don’t want to play to win, free-play is perfect for you. Enjoy the music, the dazzling images, and the delight of winning big–all without any strings attached. Some players don’t want the hassle of signing up for a site, while others don’t have the spare income to play with. Whatever your reason is, it can be fun to play in free-play where you can play for as long as you want without having to stop or worry about losing out on the chance to win.