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These might sound like rare cases, but they’re just some of the few winners from an impressive pool of players. What are some of the tips that we hear time and time again?


The number one bit of feedback that we’ve received from winners is that patience was key. Rather than try to sit down and win at all costs in one binge, think of it more like a goal to set. If everyone won on their first day of playing, slot machines would be a very short-lived endeavor for companies, after all. Many of our big-time winners report sitting down and dedicating 1-2 hours a day to play, with at least one day off in the week. Taking time away from the game can help ease frustration. “I used to get so mad when I came up just shy of a win,” Henrik admitted, “So I devised a schedule. Sometimes I would even cut off the time that I had allotted! If you get too mad, you get sloppy, and then before you know it you’re not even having fun anymore.”


Another word that popped up a lot when talking to the winners was “fun”. If playing ever stops feeling like fun, put the game down and take a break. It’s important to still enjoy it as a game and a fun pastime, otherwise it ends up becoming work.


This one might be surprising to a casual player, but strategy was a big key to the success of other players! “There’s a lot of statistics involved,” Maurice admitted, “I find that boring, but if you are dedicated you could probably figure out the best times to bet high.” Maurice instead focused on knowing when to maximize his bets. “I always, always, bet on all of the lines. But I don’t always maximize my bet on those lines. If I’ve gone a long time without a win, I start maximizing my bet. Odds are that the longer I go without a win, the more likely that I am to get a win.” After a win, Maurice still keeps the maximum bet up. “I’ve found that I sometimes get a few consecutive wins, so I try to keep my maximum bet going for a few more spins.”

Don’t Count Out The Little Wins

It’s easy to look at the big numbers and be wowed, but Shelly said that it was the little wins that helped her reach the jackpot. “Some days I would win €400, and that’s nothing to sneeze at, either! That can be rolled right back in for more spins.” Shelly had a system: whatever winnings she made would be split in two, with half of them going back to her bank at the end of the week and the rest going to more spins. “It gave me a good buffer, so I never felt like I was losing money on a bad day.”

So what are you waiting for? Your name and story could be the next one that we feature. Your advice might be what we post next! Do you want to be immortalized as one of our big winners? Take the plunge! Remember to keep an eye out on this page for updated strats from the latest winners.